Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Little Venice!!

St. Marys church was so pretty!!1
Lunch on the floating cafe anyone?

The Canal of Little Venice and all the riverboats....what a life!

The cute streets of gorgeous houses and way nice cars!!!

Our walk through little venice was enchanting! If I could live in London, regardless of cost, I think I would choose a darling house in Little Venice! We walked through the calm, quiet streets in awe of the rows of white, victorian homes and the streets filled with extremely nice cars. We walked along the canal, lined with beautiful riverboats. What I would have given to just take a nice little boat ride! We saw Omnibus service....the first transportation service in London! We got to see St. Mary's Church! We strolled passed what was Number 19 Warwick Crescent, the Home of THE Robert Browning! Whoever knew London was hiding this little secret all this time?!

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  1. IT looks incredible. You look incredible in your glasses too!!!