Saturday, 1 May 2010

Kensington Gardens!!!

Our lovely walk of Kensington Gardens began on Embassy Road where we saw many different Embassys, including the French Embassy(Picture). These houses were amazing! I can't even imagine what they look like on the inside! We then came across Kensington Palace with its ornate gates and the statue of William III. We walked passed Queen Victoria and passed the lovely Round Pond. We walked into the sunken Gardens, which were amazing! Artists were dotted along the walk with their sketch pads each capturing the beauty of the gardens. We then went to the Prince Albert Memorial. Despite his wishes, this memorial is very grand! We then took a walk through the flower walks which was so lovely! I am definitely going back to just sit on a bench in there and read a book. It was so peaceful and just beautiful! We saw the infamous long water of serpentine, where the death of Mrs. Shelley took place. Then on a happier note we ran into Peter Pan! His statue radiated the child like fantasy of neverland. We then went to the beautiful Italian fountains which were fabulous! We walked past the pet cemetary....Britts have a deep love and compassion for their pets.....some of the headstones were quite humorous. We ended the walk with my favorite part of the whole park. The peter pan play ground!! It is a memorial to Princess Diana because she loves children. The park is a fantasy land equipped with Pirate ship, tree house, and indian tepee tents to make every childs wish come true! I have fallen in love with Kensington Gardens and everything around it! The palace looks enchanted, the grounds are majestic, the people are happy and cheerful, and the atmosphere is pure bliss!

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  1. Wow,this sounds so fabulous!! I do hope that you go back and really enjoy the beauty of the gardens. Can you get your pictures turned the right way? Just know me and the computer. I am so excited for you and the experience that you are having!! It seems like you guys are doing as much as you can...Yes!!! Love you!!